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Must Have Book to Learn Spanish! 501 Spanish Verbs by Christopher Kendris & Theodore Kendris

 "If you're really serious about learning Spanish You're going to need to own this book Javier." My high school Spanish teacher's words as she handed me this book...

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Hard Copy:




Those words echo in my head from over 10 years ago, as I now understand the language better.... 

Javier was my made up Spanish name in Highschool Spanish Class. My teacher wasn't lyin, 501 Spanish Verbs by Christopher Kendris & Theodore Kendris is Truly a must-have to Advance Spanish knowledge, Vocabulary and Spanish verb Conjugation skills.

When your teachers give you advice take it! 

Get the Ebook      Get the hard Cover

Barron's Foreign Language Guides 501 Spanish Verbs by Christopher Kendris & Theodore Kendris. This Spanish language reading book is a Top seller and a Spanish guide To the most important Spanish Verbs you will ever use!  

After you take my class you will understand how important Spanish verbs really are! In short, You cannot speak Spanish without them or Any language for that matter! 

This book is important because it Includes: The languages most used Spanis verbs, The most essential Spanish verbs and a step-by-step breakdown of every tense and Conjugation of the most important Spanish verbs you will every use! 

This book is simple and easy to navigate. It is a book that you will get Infinity uses out of it which, makes it one of the best investments you will ever pay for in your Spanish learning career. I still use it to this day!

And yes this book is more than just verb conjugation charts! It is layered with Quizzes and test to assess your knowledge!


The Major difference between this book and most mobile Apps similar to this Is the authors' laser-like focus towards only the words that actually matter in most common day language!

And Yes there are Verb Charts it wouldn't be a book about Verbs if there wasn't! 

However, these charts are so much more detailed than any I have ever really seen before! Throughout my many years of instructing, learning and studying Spanish! 

Jam1 gives this book a 10/10!

Just like my teacher told me in high school, I recommend to you & all of my students. "You should own a copy of this book if you are serious about learning Spanish!" 


Thanks for Reading seeya next time, Remember to Enjoy Life!

-Jamone  "Jam1" Lewis

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